Average time it takes for your debtor to pay an invoice

You could raise up to €0 Immediately for just €0

What makes us different?

No long term contract, no debtor or geo concentration limits plus funds advanced within 24 hours gives you complete control over your cashflow.


You decide which invoices you want to finance & when

No PG’s

No Personal Guarantees required

Fast Funding

Approved funds advanced within 24 hours

No Debtor concentration limits, no Geographical restrictions, No lock-in contracts, transparent costing and much more!

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    What our clients say

    its simplicity is brilliant. I have used competitors platforms and can say from experience that there is nothing that I am aware of that comes close to the InvoiceFair platform.

    Peter Holly
    Managing Director, Helicon Process Development Solutions

    The opportunity in front of us was significant, but we couldn’t capitalise on it without a funding solution that wasn’t restricted by debtor concentration levels. InvoiceFair saw the value of the relationships we had build with our Blue-Chip debtors and we were able to leverage that.

    Since we have had the facility in place, we’ve been able to almost treble our turnover. We’ve been really impressed with the degree of collaboration & support from InvoiceFair. They are a true partner for our business going forward.

    Fiaz Anjum
    Managing Director, Work Work

    A powerful alternative to traditional funders


    in Funds Advanced


    Assets under Management


    Companies funded

    InvoiceFair Vs Traditional Funders

    No Personal Guarantees

    No Customer Concentration Limits

    No Geographic Restriction Limits

    Funds released within 24 Hours

    90% Invoice Funded

    No Contract period

    No Sector restrictions

    No Minimum Monthly Fee

    No Disclosure fee (for breach of agreement)

    No Electronic services fee

    No Collections fee

    No Drawdown Cost - Same Day

    No Drawdown Cost - 3 day

    Frequently asked questions

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    Do you do any other forms of funding such as Invoice Discounting?

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