Turn your unpaid
invoices & WIP into cash

We help companies to fund their own future by converting their invoices and WIP into upfront growth capital.

Unlike other forms of funding, you don’t have to take on additional debt or provide personal guarantees. Also, because we don’t apply restrictive concentration limits – either debtor or geographic – you can access more funding than other providers to fuel your growth.

Use our calculator to see how much funding you could release in as little as 24 hours!

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How much could you raise in 24 hours?

Looking for growth funding but getting frustrated with traditional financial providers? We’ll advance you up to 90% of your entire Debtor Book and as much as 40% of current Work in Progress within 24 hours

Who is it suitable for?

Limited Company with at least 2 Directors

Registered in an OECD Country

Trading for at least 36 months

Minimum annual turnover of €3m

Debtors located in OECD countries


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Benefits of Innovative Invoice Discounting

No Debtor concentration limits

Release more funds from your Debtor Book


No Geographic limitations

WIP Funded

Confidence to tender for contracts with claims and WIP funding

No PG’s

No personal guarantees required


Funds within 24 hours

No Hidden Costs

No hidden costs or nonutilization fees


You decide how much of your Debtor Book or WIP you want to trade


Our relationship is not disclosed to your debtors

No FX Risk

Multi-Currency funding


Intuitive, easy to use platform

What is Innovative Invoice Discounting?

Companies are struggling to access funding on their terms to help grow their business. Traditional forms of business funding are severely restrictive and are not designed to allow them control their own future. How much faster would your business grow if you could access the capital tied up in your debtor book and WIP right now without resorting to additional debt or diluting your equity?

Our Innovative Invoice Discounting solution is unique – there are no Debtor concentration limits, geographic restrictions or hidden or non-utilisation fees. We even fund your Work in Progress! It allows you to take control, react to market opportunities and grow faster without restriction.

The cost of finance is agreed in advance, and you control when and how much you need to draw down.

How it Works


in Funds Advanced


Assets under Management


Companies funded

its simplicity is brilliant. I have used competitors platforms and can say from experience that there is nothing that I am aware of that comes close to the InvoiceFair platform.

– Peter Holly

Managing Director, Helicon Process Development Solutions

The solution provided by InvoiceFair was like nothing in the market – it was tailored to our aggressive growth requirements. This gave us the platform to do what we do best as a leading provider of world class technical services for large, multinationals and really scale our business to the next level.

– Shane Scanlan

CFO, Secto Engineering & Utility Services


How do I get funded?

There are 6 simple steps to get growth funding from InvoiceFair

1. Sign up and create an account

2. Securely connect your financial integrations (accounting & banking)

3. Provide the requested financial information to InvoiceFair

4. Should you meet our funders requirements, we will issue a Term Sheet for completion and security will be put in place over your company

5. Get your debtors to pay into an account in your name that is controlled by InvoiceFair

6. Upload invoice to the InvoiceFair platform and get funding

How long does it take to get Funding with InvoiceFair?

You can sign up and request funding in less than 5 minutes. Our team will then be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your needs.
This ensures we generate offers tailored to you.
Once you’re happy with an offer, a formalised offer will be with you within 5 business days and you can start the security registration process.
When onboarding is complete, funding will be within your account within 24 hours of you requesting a drawdown

How much funding can I get from InvoiceFair?

We can provide from €5m-€50m in annual funding on the basis your company is eligible for same.
Each company is assessed on a case by case basis so once you sign up, provide information and connect your accounting/banking accounts, we will create the best offer tailored for you.

Are there any restrictions on this type of funding?

You will need to have assets to sell i.e debtor receivables and we will want companies with an average debtor book of €500k per month.
Generally, companies are required to create a track record of trading on the InvoiceFair platform for 6 months to get access to WIP funding but we assess each company on a case by case basis

Who provides funding to InvoiceFair?

We are funded by a large hedge fund with over €3bn in assets under management. They have a funding mandates for receivables spread across all of their funds and are a strategic partner for InvoiceFair

How does WIP funding work?

We will allow you to leverage works completed and not yet approved by your debtors (i.e not yet invoiced-Claims Funding) or future works on contracts won up to a certain % of works completed or a monetary value (WIP Funding).

Why choose InvoiceFair?

We are the only True alternative provider of unrestricted growth capital. We partner with ambitious and scaling companies with access to funding at every stage of the credit cycle and allow them to unlock their growth potential.
Have a look at our case studies to see how you could unlock growth capital and fund your future today.

How does pricing work?

We like to keep things simple and we don’t want to provide you with any surprises.
We have two simple and clear fees:
1. The discount fee-what the cost of finance will be based on your average drawn balance over a 12 month period.
2. Monthly transaction fee-this is a set fee based at a % of your approved limit on a monthly basis.

Fund your own future today

Unlike most Invoice Discounting solutions, we have a very simple pricing model, with only two components – the discount agreed with the funder and our monthly fee. No sneaky added fees, no minimum contract periods, no concentration limits. See how it could work for you!